"That was the best wedding food we've ever had!", that's what we've heard a thousand times, whether it's a wedding or any special event, our specialty is listening to you and exceeding your expectations.

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YOU’RE ENGAGED! But, Now What the Heck do You do?

First off, congratulations on your engagement! After you proposed or “said yes,” the thrill of being newly engaged begins and you shout it out from the rooftops because you want the world to know. It’s exciting stuff telling your friends and family, receiving a multitude of comments on Instagram, hundreds of likes on Facebook and with every “thumbs up,” your everlasting love becomes even richer. Then it hits you like a ton of bricks…It’s time to plan your dream wedding! But who, what, when, where do I find vendors, do we have a destination wedding all runs through your head in a frenzy. Well, fear not lovebirds! Pure Joy is here to help.  We’ll give you a quick run down of how to be prepared to plan your wedding:

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I am supposed to be packing for my honeymoon right now, but I cant go on another second without emailing you to officially THANK YOU for the best night of our lives! I don’t know where to start…..

You guys have been an absolute pleasure to work with since day one. I knew you were the company for our wedding the minute I first came to your office and saw the endless albums of amazing events you have done. You were the only company that had amazing customer service AND amazing food in one! Even knowing that, I was still BLOWN AWAY by you guys last night. It was perfect. Not only the food, but the service and staff went above and beyond to be accommodating and courteous to all of our guests. They had smiles on their faces and seemed really happy to be working there with us! They set the tables perfectly- the centerpieces turned out better than i even expected! I loved all the red roses and it just made the whole place feel magical.

I dont know what kind of miracles you pulled…but some how there were 4 passed appys! It was the biggest surprise of the night for us!!! They brought us a tray and we devoured every one of them. They were the 4 yummiest appys ive ever had at a wedding. The artichoke was the talk of the town today! They were delicious beyond belief. Thank you for that little treat… it made a big difference in our event and we are so happy it all worked out.

Thank you guys for being such an amazing company and providing the best best best catering we could have ever asked for. I am beyond impressed with you guys and cant begin to thank you enough. Please use us for referrals or whatever else may come along. We will be sending people your way for sure!

I appreciate everything you have done to make our wedding perfect… and yes… it was perfect!

Rachelle and Brandon Bell

Leading Caterers of America

Leading Caterers of America