Farm Cover Girl :) Executive Chef Lynette La Mere

For more info please go to and join us in helping local marine wildlife

The Leadership Circle consists of members who give at least 1,000 per yr to help protect endangered species. Join us in support of the Center's work at

We are proud supporters of the Santa Barbara Farmer's Market

Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation Comedy Night with Carol Burnett

Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network

The Channel Islands Marine and Wildlife Institute (CIMWI), photo by Paul Wellman

Santa Bar­bara Wildlife Care Net­work releasing a young Red­tail Hawk back to the wild

We Recycle our Vegetable Oil, please visit for more info

Event Manager, Barbara Anderson at the Channel Islands Marine & Wildlife Institute Fundraiser.


Green Efforts + Philanthropy

At Pure Joy we are strongly committed to protecting the environment. We recycle or compost 90% of our trash here and were just awarded a Green Star from the City!  (Recent article). We are also a Santa Barbara Farmer's Market Certified Farm Friendly Dining provider.

Every week begins at Farmer's Market. We use only seasonal hand picked ingredients, and whenever possible, we make it a point to source them through purveyors who offer organic, local, and sustainably farmed foods. Our menus and decor florals are seasonal and local too. All the lighting is our building was upgraded to to be highly energy efficient. Staff car pooling is encouraged for each event we do. We filter our own water for the offices to eliminate the use of plastic water bottles. While on location  we offer compostable alternatives. We do not use throw-away food pans and recycling is practiced in our offices, kitchen and on location. Communication is done electronically to keep paper waste to a minimum, computers are all turned off at night and we've added ecofont to a large portion of our material to cut ink use by 20%. All of our green waste goes to feed three giant Sulcata turtles adopted from the zoo that weigh about 80 pounds each!

To best process your event waste we encourage the partnership of Thomas at the Green Project Consultants as most venues do not offer composting yet.

Santa Barbara County energy grids are some of the best in the country and now run with 17% renewable resources. Our new location is very energy efficient and was built using many new green and renewable alternative products, a wonderful new green insulating product, bamboo and as much recycled wood as possible.

The Pure Joy team is pleased to be doing our part to help protect the environment, and we look forward to doing much more in the future.

Every year we do many philanthropic events. We have our favorites. We're proud to say we have doubled our set budget for donations to non profit events every year.