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Lynette La Mere founded Pure Joy Catering, in 2001 to provide full-service events catering in Santa Barbara - from Malibu to Santa Ynez. Today, Pure Joy Catering serves nearly 20,000 people each year at weddings, cocktail parties, special occasions, and corporate events. Pure Joy Catering has endeared itself to the people of central California with its commitment to meeting budgets and spectacular visions.

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Dear Alizabeth;
As I was thinking about my note of gratitude to you and Pure Joy for Kara and Joe’s wedding, I realized I wanted to say something different. I’ve worked with Lynette and Pure Joy for about 10 years. Some things never change and in fact, only get better: for example, I could write about the ultra most fresh ingredients that are sought out with love and hand picked and cooked and displayed to perfection. Or that guests are in awe of the burst of succulent flavors on their first bite into heaven. I could also write how PJ is full-service and coordinates all rentals and items necessary to ensure the backbone of the entire event is seamless.

But what I want to mention in this note of gratitude are a few things that I don’t think get mentioned in all the plethora of thank yous that you receive. And it is this: Pure Joy offers incredible value to clients on all kinds of spending plans (budgets) and treats them with equal dignity, enthusiasm and respect. Pure Joy is an award-winning caterer and top notch. But what I don’t think potential clients realize is that you are able to take almost any spending plan and make something delicious and extraordinary. The special touches you offer like asking the bride what her colors are so that your d├ęcor on your food tables complements it; the re-doing menu and rental proposals to make it fit within the client’s budget but without compromising your quality and service- now that takes skill, experience and brilliance. Clients get more than they pay for with Pure Joy, no matter what their spending plan. It is an investment that they are receiving the best value possible in perhaps the most important service for their most important day.

Thank you, as always for a lovely wedding and to your consistently strong team – in particular Adam- for producing a lovely wedding for my client at Chase Palm Park.

Kerry Lee Dickey | CEO/Founder Santa Barbara Wine Country Weddings & Events