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Every guest at the wedding ceremony waits for it. Vows are exchanged, you’re pronounced partners for life and it’s sealed with a KISS. Everyone knows that feeling; when your heart fills with joy at the sight of the kiss because you know it’s the first day of the rest of their lives together and you couldn’t be happier for the newly wedded couple. Let’s bring the guests a little more joy and seal those newly bonded friends and family with fresh baked QUICHES! 

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Where do I begin to thank you and your incredible staff ( and I really mean this as I have done so many events at my home and helped with many events for United Way and UCI etc). Each and every staff member was polite, competent, caring, and attentive … no detail was left undone. I felt at times like I had a personal staff member to wait on me … not really but it felt like they knew what I needed even before I asked. You are amazing and the food, well, I know now why Greg said you were the only one he wanted……it was delicious and presents so beautifully. So many things go into planning and presenting an event like a wedding…so many emotions are present…each and every part of the evening is a special part and if one goes “south” it affects it all … you were so pivotal in the entire thing and you were THE BEST!!!!! I have had so many calls and e-mails asking for your contact information… Also our friends from Montecito were extremely impressed and said now they know they can recommend or use you without any hesitation. So glad you could met them personally. I also know that Avesta and Jil LOVED having met you and experienced firsthand what you do and how you handled it … and as we left they said they look forward to working with you again. It is definitely a long haul up that road, but once there it is magical! Thank you for all your patience and caring planning for this special day … I also know Beth was VERY pleased and would also recommend you with no hesitations.

Thank you again for everything….this hardly seems like the right words, but just know that all of us are so grateful we found you!