"That was the best wedding food we've ever had!", that's what we've heard a thousand times, whether it's a wedding or any special event, our specialty is listening to you and exceeding your expectations.

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Catch it yourself! Ok! I know, not a new thought - for some - but for me it was a revelation. I am not a “hey lets go fish!” kinda gal. But last Saturday when the fish lady at farmer’s market didn't show, someone offhandedly suggested I go catch my own and the wheels started turning. Why not? Lots more fun than sitting on a whale watching boat, you get to go all the way out to the islands so there’s plenty of whale & dolphin sightings and best of all the take away - the freshest fish possible - I’m in! I rang up the SEA Landing at the harbor,   805-963-3564 and booked a ¾ day fishing trip on the Stardust for the next day. 

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Hello Lynette, Patrick, Chef Jerry, Chris, Lynee & the Pure Joy team,

We just got home from our wedding weekend & the first thing I wanted to do was write you because Pure Joy made our wedding UNBELIEVABLE!

The entire process was a joy from the initial meeting to all the tweaking along the way. We were on a tight budget & didn’t know if we could afford it but the food was so amazing we just had to find a way. Patrick is OUTSTANDING! He really listened to us. He helped us splurge where we wanted to and save a little where it wouldn’t be so noticeable. We are foodies and I sat next to my best friend at our table (who is not a foodie) & she couldn’t stop telling me how delicious the food was as she delightfully cleaned her plate :) That brought me so much joy to watch her happiness eating. Many guests came up to tell me how exceptional the food was which just added to the specialness of the evening. I love good food and I enjoy sharing good food with others. My sister cannot stop talking about how incredible the food was. My top two items with the wedding were a gorgeous, outdoor venue (thank you Firestone) and scrumptious food. Thank you Pure Joy for enabling us to have our dream wedding. Although you are in trouble now because you may have ruined salmon for me, I don’t think anyone can make it taste as amazing as Chef Jerry’s oven roasted salmon with sun dried tomato & pine nut crust with lemon gremolata. That is an explosion of deliciousness in your mouth.

On top of the food being amazing, the people were fantastic. My wedding planner, Janelle, told me the following day that at the wedding she’d say to Patrick we need to do such & such & Patrick would always answer, “Already done.” A top notch operation. I had no idea how much prep, organization, & coordination was involved in putting on an event & Pure Joy made it seamless. I wish I could do it all over again. May I be so lucky as to be invited to an event that Pure Joy is catering. Or we just may have to have a 5 year anniversary party with Pure Joy catering it.

I will be sending a proper card when things settle down but in the meantime, where can I post this? The world needs to know what a stellar catering company Pure Joy is from start to finish.

With love & gratitude, Tracey & David