"That was the best wedding food we've ever had!", that's what we've heard a thousand times, whether it's a wedding or any special event, our specialty is listening to you and exceeding your expectations.

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Havana was a truly unique experience. As it changes every day I’m so grateful to have gotten over there this January & I can’t wait to go back. To me it felt like seeing a country that was doing super well and then decided to move back with their parents about 55 years ago & the parents went broke - really broke. I know, I know it’s a lot more complicated than that but that’s what it looked like. There’s these magnificent buildings, you can see the fine bones of grand architecture but a closer look reveals hammocks slung from beams and a jungle growing inside with goats and chickens peeking out from the once elegant and now crumbling balconies. 

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“We cannot possibly thank you enough, what a HUGE success. We had a fabulous time,You (and all of PJ) did such an amazing job, the food was so awesome! The bar was perfect. We LOVED every minute. Thanks for making our day so awesome!”

Amy & Melissa / 2013 at Lavender Oaks Vineyard