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I had not heard of Fernando de Noronha until i made some Brazilian friends. Jaws dropped all around the table as soon as they learned of my ignorance, and a solid 30 minutes of lecturing later it was quite indisputably clear that heaven was a reality, and that it is the small cluster of islands off the coast of Brazil called Fernando de Noronha. 

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I unequivocally recommend that you go with Lynette and Pure Joy, they were absolutely fantastic in every single conceivable way. I can’t say enough good things about our experience.

We also do not live in Santa Barbara so it was important for us to have someone local we could trust to make sure everything came together. Lynette and her team did not disappoint.

We were working with a budget and Lynette made it fly. The food was incredible (I actually just received a compliment about it from a friend the other day – 3 months later) and Lynette worked with us to find the menu we wanted, improvising and creating new dishes to match our tastes.

Aside from the food, the whole day went off without a hitch and was absolutely beautiful. All of the rentals were delivered on time and were done right. We didn’t need to worry about a single thing that was Lynette’s responsibility; she was on top of it all and a consummate professional.

The only problem we did have with the wedding was our entertainment. We hired a DJ that was recommended by Pure Joy but who later turned out to be a nightmare. We ended up using a different DJ after the relationship was unsalvageable. We told Lynette about the problem and she did everything she possibly could to help us work it out. When the DJ continued to be unreasonable, Lynette reached into her own pocket to refund our deposit. It was an incredible gesture and a testament to her character and her professionalism. I am hard pressed to think of any other caterer that would do something like that, it was amazing.

I hope this helps. I have no doubt that Lynette would do an outstanding job for you and your daughter. The next time I have a catered event, I plan on using Pure Joy.

We were very fortunate to have such great vendors; it made all the difference in the world. We probably could have saved a few bucks if we used other people but it would have been a mistake. You need to be able to trust these people, it is worth it for the piece of mind.

Alex Weingarten